Model 2000 Root Slicer

Product Details

The Root Slicer is ideal for pre-plant seed bed preparation in a variety of crops such as corn, milo and sunflowers. It can be adjusted to cut the root crown from the ground allowing minimum till farming with little ground disturbance. Low tractor horsepower, and high-speed operation allows for quick and efficient ground preparation. Recommend speed of 8-12 mph.

Features & Options

Besler Features:
• Available in sizes 4 row through 16 row.
• Rigid or folding models are available
• Sealed Bearings
• Rugged 7x7 tool bar.

Besler Options:
• Available with 28" cleated discs.
• Comes standard with 24" cleated discs
• Gauge wheels for added depth control
• Available with rolling basket assembly

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