Model 6000 Chop-N-Slicer

Product Details

The Chop-N-Slicer will chop stalks, remove the root crown and prepare the seed bed for planting with one pass through the field. This ground driven machine with high speed capability will save time and money when preparing the ground for planting.

• Chops Stalks
• Cuts Crown Root
• Maintains Integrity of the Ridge or Bed
• Hi-Speed Operation - Low Horsepower
• One Pass Operation - Save Time and Money
• Advantageous in Minimum-tillage practices

Features & Options

Model 6000 Features:
• Available in sizes 4 row through 16 row….rigid or folding.
• Rugged 7x7 tool bar.
• Seven 20 3/4" Blades
• Triple seal bearing on chopper unit
• Adjustable rotors
• The toolbar is filled with sand for additional weight.
• 24" cleated disc on Root Slicer Unit
• Sealed Bearing on Root Slicer Unit
• Parallel Linkage on Root Slicer Unit
• Wide range of operating speeds vary from 5 to 12 MPH.

Besler Options:
• Gauge wheels are a recommended option
• Available with 28" cleated discs.
• Available with Basket Assembly.

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