Model 8000 Stalk Chopper

Product Details

The Model 8000 stalk chopper is an excellent tool for chopping stalks and preparing the soil for planting, or conditioning ground prior to drilling in small grain crops. It comes with one set of chopping blades, 5 blades per rotor. This machine will provide 100% coverage so you can go down the row, or work the field at an angle to the row and still chop everything in its path. It comes standard with a 5 bar harrow to help smooth and level the ground. It can also be ordered with a double basket assembly instead of a 5 bar barrow.

Features & Options

Model 8000 Features:
• Available in sizes 4 row through 16 row….rigid or folding.
• One Rugged 7x7 tool bar.
• Five Spiral Blades on a single tool bar.
• Five Bar Spike Harrow
• The toolbar is filled with sand for additional weight
• Triple seal bearings
• Wide range of operating speeds vary from 5 to 12 MPH.

Besler Options:
• Stackfold Toolbar
• Double Basket Assembly

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