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Besler Industries has two styles of tool boxes available. The crossbed tool box is designed to set on the bed against the headache rack. It is a tapered tool box that allows for storage, but but does not interfere with the bale that is loaded on the bed. The under the bed tool boxes come in a variety of sizes and are mounted under the bed typically in the front portion of the bed.


Features & Options

Crossbed Toolbox:
• 68" long, 20" wide
• 12" tall with 6" taper to the front of the box
• Mounts on the top of the bed with the back against the headache rack
• Handles on both sides of the box
• Two gas hinges to help lift and hold the lid in the open position
• Grease able hinges
• Can be locked with a padlock

Underneath Toolbox:
• Two sizes available (12" deep, 15" tall, 18" long) or (12" deep, 15" tall, 27" long)
• Handle with lock and key
• Rubber grommet to keep moisture out
• Grease able hinges
• Optional tapered box to accommodate the fuel fill on the bed

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